Shahana Afrose Chowdhury, Ph.D.

Adviser, Green Economy

Dr. Shahana is an Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Center for Sustainable Development in University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). She got her PhD from Monash University, Melbourne, and published numerous numbers of research reports and articles in renowned publications. Alongside her research and analytical writing, Ms. Chowdhury led the programme and management of Kazi Shahid Foundation (KSF), the renowned corporate foundation of Bangladesh. Related to climate change impact, Dr. Shahana’s is the only green chemistry in Bangladesh, her work included; Climate Change and Environmental impacts of Organic Tea Plantation on Biodiversity in Northern Bangladesh, Chowdhury, Shahana and Ohlmacher, James, “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy in Rural Bangladesh – An Innovative Approach”, Shahana Chowdhury, Meherun Ahmed and Sadia Islam, “Health Risks and Social Vulnerabilities of Climate Migrants due to Unplanned Urbanisation of Dhaka City, Shahana Afrose Chowdhury, “KSF Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Program and its Impact on Mitigating Climate Change”, the ULAB-Keele Renewable Energy Symposium.