Ahmed Abidur Razzaque Khan, Ph.D.

Adviser, Human Rights

With over 17 years of global experience, Dr. Ahmed Abidur Razzaque Khan is a distinguished academic and practitioner in the areas of human rights, migration, and social activism. Holding a joint Ph.D. from the University of Padova and Western Sydney University, he leverages multifaceted expertise across digital humanities, social movements, and postcolonial studies. His illustrious career includes academic appointments at the Asian University for Women and Western Sydney University, coupled with development roles at the National University of Singapore. As a human rights activist, he has led civil society missions, election monitoring, and curates impactful storytelling projects. Dr. Khan's work spans Asia and the Pacific, driven by his passion for human rights and deep field experience. His diverse skillset and knowledge offer a unique perspective on critical social issues.