Ahmed Abidur Razzaque Khan, Ph.D.

Adviser, Human Rights

Dr. Ahmed Abidur Razzaque Khan (alias Ahmed Abid) is Adjunct Fellow of Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI), School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University, Australia. He holds a joint Ph.D. in ‘Human Rights, Society, and Multi-level Governance’ through the Human Rights Centre- University of Padova, Italy, and School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University, Australia. He also holds Master of Arts, Philosophy (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh); Master of Arts, Human Rights and Social Development (Mahidol University, Thailand); and a Diploma in Cinema and Human Rights (European- Inter University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) in Venice, Italy). Ahmed’s research interests have developed across four key areas: (1) irregular migration, refugees protection and labour trafficking; (2) digital humanities; (3) social movements; and (4) postcolonial studies. Ahmed has over seventeen years of experience in academia, development work and social activism in various countries throughout Asia and the Pacific. His previous academic roles include: Assistant Professor, Development Studies, Asian University for Women (AUW), Bangladesh (2021-2022); Research Assistant and Tutor, Western Sydney University, Australia (2017-2019); and Research Assistant and Project Manager, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore (2013-2015). As a development practitioner he has worked as a long- term election observer in Cambodia for ANFREL, leded high level civil society mission in Jordan ( Forum Asia, Bangkok) and Knowledge Management Coordinator with the largest human rights project in SE Asia, SEARCH which was funded by the Canadian government. As a human rights activist he makes documentary films, curates storytelling projects, and organises events.