Humanitarian Localisation Baseline study on the understanding, adoption, adaptation, and implementation of Localization in Cox's Bazar.

Started in September 2021, the study objective include understanding the influence of the localization on the affected population and; to assess the capacity and skills of local actors, organisations and partners, of being participated in the localization process. Partnering with Oxfam, in the part of Australian Humanitarian Partnership Consortium Bangladesh, baseline study on understanding, adoption, adaptation and implementation of localization in the humanitarian sector in the Rohingya humanitarian crisis context in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The study is examining and analysing the impact of localization on local groups, humanitarian actors and partners in Bangladesh. It will analyse the influence of the decision-making process in humanitarian sectors and scrutinise the overall potential to adapt localization in humanitarian response programs with their capabilities, resources, knowledge and skills. The study will give an idea about the initial stage of the localization of the country's humanitarian sector.