Dhaka CALLING - Dhaka Citizens’ Advocacy Collaboration against polluting environment

With a goal to address environmental democracy and solid waste management concerns in the city, particularly among lower-income community (LIC) groups, and to improve the implementation and enforcement of environmental laws and rules by responding to communities’ needs pertaining to pollution in four slum areas of Dhaka North and South City Corporations, Dhaka CALLING has identified policy implementation gaps and policy needs by utilising  civic voice, improved capacity, and advocacy strategies to mobilise the community and promote good governance. The project conducted three in-depth studies on sustainable solid waste management for the urban poorthe health impact of solid waste management in four slums of Dhaka City, and a 4R road map on solid waste management to generate evidence and demonstrate the Community Led Waste Management System (CLWMS) pilot model to relevant stakeholders using defined advocacy strategies. Based on the findings and analysis, the project led 15 recommendations are being addressed in the Solid Waste Management Rules 2021. Overall, the project's demonstration model strengthened advocacy efforts, increased confidence, and helped policy makers determine the best technological options, all while closely aligning with sustainable development goals (SDGs) 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17.

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