We believe in localization

One of humanitarian aid localisation key elements is sourcing more direct funds for local humanitarian actors in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian actors. We work together with local NGOs, based on complementarity and comparative advantage, to achieve efficiency gains in the humanitarian system so that more means can be passed on to people in need.

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Organisational Readiness

We also work to develop bespoke solutions to enable aid organisations to maximise their operational capacity and develop their organisational system, teamwork and leaderships skills.


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Knowledge and information for humanitarian action

We always promote and undertake independent, practitioner-led research that ask and answer strenuous questions to bring changes and progress in the sectors, and supports more effective humanitarian action. Hence, We identify, learn and integrate local good practise into global humanitarian discourse and contextualise global good practises to local humanitarian actions.

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Policy Brief - Humanitarian Localization in Bangladesh

On the eve of World Humanitarian Day 2023, InSights, together with NAHAB – the National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors in Bangladesh, developed this policy brief, highlighting the insights and policy options for addressing the issue of humanitarian localization in Bangladesh. It provides a high-level summary of studies in the context of Bangladesh undertaken by inSights and the Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG). In this policy brief, we have forwarded a range of priority policy options for policymakers to consider.

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