Partnership As Relationship

inSights believe that a partnership is a commitment to an ongoing relationship. We recognise that challenges and difficult situations will come, when these happen, we do what it takes to move through them. inSights takes responsibility for our actions for what it evokes on us. We stay in connection and explore together with our partners.


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Collaboration And Networking

We are working to engage with the coordination mechanisms—including for joint needs assessments—to national and local levels, and to active involvement in to network and alliances, i.e. START Funds, and with allies and networks – such as Disaster Forum, NIRAPAD, Sphere Standards, NAHAB, Localisation Working Group, Sphere Community Bangladesh, CHS Alliance and NEAR etc.

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Co-creation and Innovation

To bring about transformative change to the local, national and global risk resilience and humanitarian sector, we work together with our partners to co-create concrete solutions, transform ideas and turn them into innovations, knowledge and strategies.


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