Supported by UN Women, inSights - Institute of Innovations for Gender and Humanitarian
Transformations, in collaboration with the Humanitarian Advisory Group - Australia launched a
training program for young professionals with three years or more of experience in Disaster
Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Mitigation, Gender and Humanitarian Aid. The
workshop aims to strengthen the knowledge and ability of young development professionals
and activists in gender-responsive disaster risk management in order to professionalize and
promote a gender-responsive disaster management system in Bangladesh. It also aspired to
build a pool of young experts on gender, climate change and DRM in Bangladesh.
Course Objective
To improve the knowledge and ability of young DRR, gender, and CCA professionals in the
areas of gender-responsive DRM and climate change adaptation. The learner will be able to do
the following:
 design and develop gender-responsive disaster and climate change adaptation projects;
 able to write an international standard report via the lens of gender;
 critically examine risk scenarios through a gender lens, as well as develop and implement
effective gender-responsive risk reduction measures; and
 carry out high-quality research
Duration: October – December, 2022
Application: Closed